Case studies

The following are case studies of our work, detailing the initial challenge of the project and our subsequent achievement.

Adaptive Capacity Analysis

The challenge:

1To analyse the capacity of water managers and communities in the Murray-Darling Basin to adapt to climate change and variability.

The achievement:

1-2As project leaders, Kiri-ganai Research:

  • designed a methodology to measure management and community resilience;
  • provided advice to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority on the current capacity within the Basin to deal with climate change and variability; and
  • designed an adaptive management framework for future management of water resources in the Basin.

Assessment and Adaptive Management

The challenge:

To update the river assessment methods to be applied to future monitoring of the Lake Eyre Basin, the world’s largest, near-pristine watershed.

The achievement:

2-2As project leaders, Kiri-ganai Research:

  • prepared revised resource assessment protocols agreed to by the Lake Eyre Basin Ministerial Forum;
  • designed a Strategic Adaptive Management Framework for the conduct of future assessments; and
  • prepared an implementation plan (2010 – 2018) to guide the governance and coordination of future assessments.

International Environmental Policy

3-1The challenge:

To prepare policy and guidelines for the management of China’s vast areas of wetlands to meet national objectives and international obligations.

The achievement:

3-2As project leaders, Kiri-ganai Research:

  • prepared guidelines for managing and monitoring RAMSAR wetland sites, for constructing and assessing National Wetland Parks, and for restoring degraded wetlands; and
  • facilitated the adoption of these guidelines as Chinese central government policy through its Office of Wetland Conservation and management.

Signposts for Australian Agriculture

4-1The challenge:

To prepare comprehensive triple bottom line analyses of various Australian agricultural industries.

The achievement:

As project leaders, Kiri-ganai Research:

  • prepared triple bottom line reports for the horticulture, beef, grains, and dairy industries; and
  • prepared and distributed Industry factsheets summarising the performance of these industries in Australia.

Grain and Graze: Mixed Farming Systems

The challenge:

5-1To ensure 24,000 farmers would be aware of this research program, and 10,000 would be actively engaged in program activities across Australia.

The achievement:

5-2As project coordinator, Kiri-ganai Research achieved the following targets:

  • 27,000 producers aware of the program in December 2008;
  • More than 10,000 producers participating in activities over 2004–2008; and
  • More than 2,000 producers adopting recommended practices arising from the Grain and Graze Program’s research and extension activities.

Strategic Plan for Vegetable Industry

The challenge:

6-1To prepare a strategic plan for the Australian vegetable industry with a focus on growing international and domestic markets.

The achievement:
As project leaders, Kiri-ganai Research:

  • 6-2coordinated extensive industry engagement in the planning process;
  • prepared a comprehensive strategic plan for the Australian vegetable industry; and
  • designed seven foundation projects, including one on export markets that were adopted and implemented by the industry.

Public Submission Assessment

The challenge:

7-1To seek public submissions from Australian citizens and businesses in respect to the performance of the National Water Initiative, and to analyse these on behalf of the National Water Commission.

The achievement:

As project leaders, Kiri-ganai Research:

  • 7-2maximised national exposure of the submission process via media and the web;
  • fielded 500 enquiries from the public;
  • received 100 in-depth submissions; and
  • provided an assessment of the submissions along with policy recommendations that were adopted by the Commission.