About Kiri-ganai

Our story

Kiri-ganai was founded in Australia in 2003, with a focus on environment, biodiversity, and risk management research. A couple of years later we grew to include industry strategic assessment activities as part of our services.

Our activities rapidly found an international audience as we soon established Kiri-ganai Research’s footprint in China, New Zealand and elsewhere across South East Asia and Oceania with a particular focus on environmental policy and program evaluation.

We received the Prime Minister’s Australian Banksia Environmental Award (Biodiversity category) in 2008, and were finalists in the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in 2011.

Our philosophy

At Kiri-ganai Research, we strive to:

  • foster creative rather than incremental thinking;
  • lead the pack, be reliable, help achieve success, provide value for money and simply feel right for the client;
  • be credible, ethical, innovative, and well networked;
  • earn the right to be proud of ourselves as a innovative business of Australian origin at the forefront of intellectual, environmental and social responsibility and as a sensitive business with a global view respecting cultural and institutional diversity; and
  • invest in global sustainability through philanthropic support of next generation research capability, women in science, and champions of community development in developing countries.