Kiri-ganai Research

Kiri-ganai Research fosters research and collaborations that look beyond the bounds of our perceived limitations.

In Japanese, “Kiri-ganai Research” literally means “research without bounds”. In today’s world, complex problems cannot be solved simply through traditional forms of science and technology.

We believe research that engages people, looks beyond linearity, recognises different forms of knowledge, draws upon personal experience, acknowledges culture, negotiates between interests, and invites creativity is vital in producing the right outcomes.

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About Kiri-ganai

Our story

Kiri-ganai was founded in Australia in 2003, with a focus on environment, biodiversity, and risk management research. A couple of years later we grew to include industry strategic assessment activities as part of our services.

Our activities rapidly found an international audience as we established Kiri-ganai Research’s footprint in China, New Zealand and elsewhere across South East Asia and Oceania. True to our purpose, we continued to focus on environmental policy and program evaluation.

A coveted Prime Minister’s Australian Banksia Environmental Award (Biodiversity category) was awarded to the company in 2008. Soon after, we were finalists in the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in 2011.

The period over 2014 to 2022 saw the company take a backseat role due to the Managing Director’s consecutive appointments as Deputy Director of the Australia Indonesia Centre (2014-2017) and Research Director the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions.

Now armed with wider knowledge of, and leadership in confronting, international environmental and biosecurity challenges, Kiri-ganai Research is relishing the opportunity to write the next stages of our story.

Our philosophy

At Kiri-ganai Research, we strive to:

  • foster creative rather than incremental thinking;
  • lead the pack, be reliable, help achieve success, provide value for money and simply feel right for the client;
  • be credible, ethical, innovative, and well networked;
  • earn the right to be proud of ourselves as a innovative business of Australian origin at the forefront of intellectual, environmental and social responsibility and as a sensitive business with a global view respecting cultural and institutional diversity; and
  • invest in global sustainability through philanthropic support of next generation research capability, women in science, and champions of community development in developing countries.

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Our services

Kiri-ganai Research specialises in the design, establishment and coordination of complex national and international science and technology programs on behalf of our clients.

We can coordinate our clients’ interdisciplinary and multi-organisational collaborations, and provide international research, marketing, and event management services.

We perform triple bottom line analyses of industry performance, and prepare strategic plans, evaluation reports, and communication products based on these analyses.

Kiri-ganai Research began its life in Australia in 2003. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, winning awards for the impact it achieves through its management of effective collaborations.

Our mission is to bring an extra-ordinary level of leadership to the coordination, conduct and success of client’s research activities.

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Contact us

Kiri-ganai Research Pty Ltd
GPO Box 103
Canberra,  ACT  2601

Contact Richard Price on +61 409 624 297 or

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